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A friendly trilingual (English • French • Japanese) certified tour guide.

Surfer, searching good waves all over the world.

Born in Aichi Japan, living in Tahiti since 2007.

Lived in Bali, BayronBay NSW Australia, Torquay VIC Australia, Oahu Hawaii before settled down in Tahiti.

He says; Don't need to move any more, found the best place in the world!

Traveled 22 islands in French Polynesia, 15 countries in the world.

Likes to dance Tahitian traditional dance. Ask him to demonstrate during the tour.

He danced on the stage of the biggest Tahitian dance event HEIVA I TAHITI in 2009 with an historical traditional group Temaeva.

Yota will tell you the stories of history, geology, and botanics as you visit the hidden treasures of French Polynesia.

He has a lot of Polynesian tattoos on his body/don't forget he's a dancer but definitely he can't go to public hot springs in Japan any more..

Yota has a YouTube channel
Please watch it and see how's his personality.

Yota appears in the local newspaper (in March 2016), click the link below ;

View YOTA in local newspaper "La depeche de Tahiti" (PDF)

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